Have you ever opened your lip balm only to find that it has jammed into the lid, leaving it unusable? Or maybe the twist on your lip balm stopped working because all your lip balm is in the lid? We’ve experienced both and it’s safe to say we’ve had enough. So we created ChapCap to solve these very problems. As lip balm users ourselves (admittedly addicts), we had grown tired of other options on the market, and became frustrated with our lip balm twisting into the lid. There are also very few options that combine great lip balm and great looks, let alone one that stays out of the lid. Instead of searching far and wide for this elusive combination, we decided to tap into our passion for entrepreneurship and make our own.​ We wasted no time making our idea a reality.

We began building prototypes and finding the perfect lip balm formula; one that was both high quality and 100% natural. After a year, we finally achieved the ultimate lip balm and are proud to bring it to you today. You can be sure that your lip balm stays in the tube and out of the lid. The days of lip balm filled lids and broken twists are finally over.​We’re pretty sure you like great lip balm too. That’s why we formulated the best lip balm on the market. Packed with great ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, and shea butter, our lip balm is undoubtedly the best you will ever try. 

We promise you won’t regret trying our new twist on lip balm!